Career Counseling and Coaching

“The distance between your goals and reality is called action.”


Do you have specific career problems?

We have tailor made solutions for you

Did you know that every successful athlete has a coach?

Individual and Career Coaching has been developed around many of the same principles used in sport coaching and is essentially about pushing your limits and supporting you to succeed. The athlete is naturally way better in its field than the coach, so why is the coach such an important piece in the puzzle?

What are the benefits of a Career Coaching…?

– Providing you a new perspective on a situation that seems locked

– Helping you find a direction 

– Being an unconditional support of motivation

– Supporting you prioritizing your actions when you may feel overwhelmed

– Being accountable to get you things done or at least explain why you didn’t

– Providing a problem solving approach to help you solve problems that you always thought unsolvable

– Helping you having more clarity and self-awareness with the power of questioning

– Giving you more focus and attention on what you want to create, and more important keep it… because anyone can come up with a good idea but only a few of them can keep the attention focused to the actual completion of it

What if your Career is in transition?

It could be for a new position in a new company, a new type of mission, a different industry or a will to launch your own activity.We will support you and provide you tools and methods during the whole process of this transition. 

What is our philosophy?

We see our relationship as a dynamic and inspiring partnership working alongside towards your objectives. We are a team.

As a team we will precisely define your professional goals and enable you to reach them faster than you would do on your own.

The service will be delivered depending of your expectations and availabilities

Feel free to contact us, we would be glad to give you more information