4 weeks to boost your professional branding

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I am stuck in a position that only uses a FRACTION of my capabilities with almost ZERO prospect of growth or advancement.”

“I am not sure if my experience in one industry will transfer to another, but right now I feel like I’m moving in a direction I’m not passionate about and don’t want to go.” 

“I’m not contributing to my fullest….and, sometimes, I feel defeated and discouraged.”

We give you an impulse to move forward!

8 modules to strengthen your professional branding

MODULE 1 : Give meaning to your professional journey

  • Revisit and value your past experiences
  • Identify your values, your strengths and your transferable skills  
  • Solidify the foundations of your career to build the rest of your story

⇒ At the end of this module, this flattening of your career path will increase your self-awareness, restore meaning to your professional life and strengthen your confidence to move forward

MODULE 2 : Simulate a real Interview Experience

  • Closest to reality, you will perform an interview which will be recorded for later readings
  • Benefit from an honest, unbiased and constructive feedback from a recruitment specialist
  • Discover what are the expectations of an employer during an interview and identify your areas of improvement

⇒ At the end of this module, you will have an evaluation of your performance and tailor-made tips to refine your speech

MODULE 3 : Strengthen your professional brand

  • Elaborate and reinforce your positioning on the job market to differentiate yourself
  • Perform a SWOT analysis of your profile to position yourself successfully  
  • Highlight the common theme of your career to support your story telling

⇒ At the end of this module, you will gain more clarity about your professional image which will boost your stability and confidence

MODULE 4 : Optimise your CV

  • Create a flawless document catching the attention of the employer
  • Develop a clear, relevant and unique document that looks very much like you
  • Have a full confidence in your document

⇒ At the end of this module, your CV will be optimised and will become the best ally of your professional branding

MODULE 5 : Maximise your Linkedin Profile

  • Strengthen your Linkedin page to differentiate yourself
  • Understand how recruiters use the platform in order to draw their attention
  • Use Linkedin to enrich your network and increase the professional opportunities

⇒ At the end of this module, your Linkedin profile will be an additional reinforcement to your professional branding. You’ll also know how to use the tool optimally without spending too much time

MODULE 6 : Improve your job interview performance

  • Integrate the work done on the first modules and refine your speech
  • Identify your own challenging parts in the interview and develop a coherent and relevant response
  • Set up the interview preparation process with completed forms and summaries
  • Carefully prepare your salary negotiation strategy

⇒ At the end of this module, you will have an excellent understanding of the job interview exercice and will be ready to answer complicated questions. The interview will become a less stressful exercise and you will have more energy to cope with the unexpected

MODULE 7 : Improve your job search techniques

  • Identify more precisely the assignments that match your search by learning to decipher job descriptions Organize your time, tools, research and follow-up system efficiently
  • Use other ways to send applications that only apply to ads on the web
  • Understand how recruitment firms operate and decide whether or not they can support you

⇒ At the end of this module, you will benefit from a better organisation and advices to apply in a different way, which will increase the opportunities

MODULE 8 : Consolidate all the work done

  • Adjust all the pieces of the puzzle in a coherent positionning
  • Make sure you are clear and comfortable with your new professional brand
  • Perform a last maintenance simulation if necessary

⇒ At the end of this module, you will integrate and combine the different fundamentals of an excellent positioning on the job market

The results of this program

You will gain in clarity and self-awareness with the exercises of reflection and introspection

Your professional brand will be elaborated and sharpened

Employers will grasp your professional positioning and your values

Your CV and Linkedin profile will be strongly optimised

Your job interview speech will be flawless

You will be autonomous in your research and aware of the the best practices

The coherence of your career and the definition of your project will be hiring arguments

You strong and clear professional positioning will support you during the salary negotiation

4 sessions over 4 weeks

Personalised follow-up during the program

798 € All tax included

What professionals say about it

Who is your trainer?

Stephane Brun Personal branding Gamechanger Luxembourg Coaching Carrière

It is by working for big names in recruitment that I assimilated the fundamentals and best practices of the profession. Meeting the companies one hand and the candidates on the other allowed me to understand the expectations but also the difficulties of each sides. I accompanied candidates throughout the recruitment process. From experience, it is not always the most deserving candidate who get the best positions, it is those who position themselves in a relevant way in front of the employer. 

My knowledge of the financial professions and my apprenticeship in the recruitment are the two assets that make me benefit at the same time, a good vision of the Luxembourg market and its opportunities but also the methods that work and that make you access to the next step in the recruitment process.

It’s my experience in recruiting and my strategic approach to the job market that I would like to make you benefit.

Stéphane Brun