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– Our conviction –


You deserve a fulfilling job that suits you 


– Our realisation –


Candidates are not prepared enough for the hiring process;

which is more and more long and complex


– Our mission –


Help you get the job you deserve by sharing our expertise in recruitment with you

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Why Gamechanger? 

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‘Change the game and boost your career’


My experiences within major players of the luxembourgish recruitment industry empowered me to assimilate the best practices.

Meeting the companies on one side and the candidates on the other made clear the challenges each of them is facing.

From junior to C-level position, I did support candidates along their recruitment process. I met thousands of persons and discover thousands of stories. I noticed that it is not always the most deserving candidates that get the job, but the one who know how to highlight the best competence for the employer. 

Meanwhile I developed a good understanding of the Luxembourgish market and its mechanisms and more specifically all the methods to increase your chances to get the job.

My mission is to share my experience, my expertise and my human approach with you to help you get the job you deserve.


Stéphane Brun, your career counselor in Luxembourg

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