The 6 benefits of Professional Branding

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Does your professional brand make you stand out from the crowd?

Though the concept of professional branding isn’t new questions remain about what it is exactly, and more importantly, how it will help you in your professional and personal life?

1) Professional branding is the act of managing the way you want to be perceived

Some people think that branding is just for organisations, but this is not the case. Professional branding makes you the CEO of the brand called YOU. This includes showcasing professional skills, personality, values, leadership and talent. A personal brand is, also, the sum total of all the experiences people have when they engage with you.

2) Establishing a professional brand helps you manage your career, build your reputation and meet your objectives

Brand management may vary based on goals, desired positioning, as well as industry. For example, a celebrity is going to have a very different personal brand strategy from an engineer at a corporation.
Some professional branding is geared around building awareness and visibility. Other professional branding will be focused on building a reputation within an industry. A developed personal brand helps communicate a person’s distinction and value, creating an experience that helps make a meaningful mark.

3) Your online presence is critical for your professional branding

In today’s web-centric world we have more power than ever to manage the mark we want to make, both personally and professionally.
Even social media interactions are all small features that add up to make a large impact. Professional branding can be influenced by web presence including items such as search results, social media, email communications, and online recommendations.
Just as products and services need differentiation to help set them apart, people need to think about how their experience and expertise are positioned so they have their best professional foot forward. The more you establish your expertise online, the more your credibility and visibility will grow.

4) Professional branding is not about self-promotion

Think of personal branding as education management. Helping people understand who you are, what you do, and whom you serve.

5) Professional branding is not only for jobseekers

Building credibility and visibility can also help build awareness of the company you work for which also supports the company’s overall branding efforts.

6) A Professional brand is a lifelong asset

Just like a trademark, your personal brand is a mark that you will continually protect as you develop and build it.

How could you begin to improve your professional branding?

Think about this question! What do you want people to feel and say about who you are and what you do?

The first place to start is to think about what kind of experience you want people to have when your name comes up. The sooner you define the experience you want others to have, the sooner you can refine your personal brand to support this goal.