The job interview simulation

How do you think your interview skills impact your career…?

Nowadays, in our competitive job market, we know that the interview skills are an important competence you should have to stand out from the other candidates.
Truth is, the job market is unfair. The best candidate don’t always get the best positions, opportunities and salaries. The interview process is a critical moment. You have to you set up the basis of your future in the company. You must be at the top of your game to leverage your past experiences and skill set.

What are the common difficulties during a job interview…?

 – Displaying self-confidence and motivation

 – Ability to “sell” themselves effectively

 – Awareness of the competencies, strengths and weaknesses

 – Having a clear and well-structured dialogue

 – Ability to answer tricky questions and negotiate

 – Creation of a strong connection with the interviewer

Have you ever been in an interview and struggled with one or more of these…?

Of course – everyone has at some time; and that is where Gamechanger can help you look, be and do your very best so that you get the job you really deserve…

The good news is that you just need the right tools, information and training in order to improve how you perform at the interview.

People are not born with great interview skills – they are trained in them…

And we have just the Programme to help you…

The Job Interview Simulation

In this programme, we will take you through the essential stages of the Interview Process and actually simulate a real-life interview.

The interview will be video recorded in order for you us watch and discuss about it together. We will also give you an instant honest and valuable feedback.
You will also get some training practice along with an action plan to guide through every step on the path to improve your interview skills.


Here is how it works

Creation of the context for the job interview

We want the experience to be as close to real life as possible…

Together, we will determine:

 – What type of position you will apply for?

 – What type of company it will be? What would be the culture, the size and the values?

 – Who will you have the interview with? Is it an HR person, a manager or a board member?

Knowing that, you will be able to do your research and properly prepare for the interview, since it is a critical aspect of a job interview process

This preparation will be done more than a week before the meeting, by email.

The job interview simulation

We will play the role of the interviewer, using our past experience to deliver a real-life interview simulation.

The discussion will be video recorded.

Of course, the content of the interview will be discovered on the day – as it would in real life….

Debriefing & Feedback

Together, we will discuss your performance.

You will get an honest and valuable feedback.

Identifying both your strengths and key areas for improvement, we will set up a personal action plan. 

Together, wet up your action plan

In order to work on the area of improvement we discovered, you will get suitable advices, tools and methods to get you the results you want.

We will create a tailor made action plan for you. 

After our meeting, you are able to work on your improvement areas

With the tools and methods provided during the meeting, you have everything to work and progress on your side.
“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” – Zig Ziglar

What are the benefits of this programme…?

You will learn life-long interview skills so that you are always prepared for casual and formal interviews. 

 – See yourself on video and breakdown areas for improvement
 – Prepare for job interviews with the right methods
 – Conduct interviews with confidence and poise
 – Reinforce your speech with proven communication’s techniques
 – Handle hard questions and clearly demonstrate your unique value
 – Gracefully respond to sensitive personal history questions
 – Learn critical tactics for different interview formats and environments
 – How to conclude and close properly a job interview

The price of the Job Interview Simulation:


Who is your Career Advisor…?

My name is Stephane, I am a highly motivated and passionate professional living in Luxembourg.

After graduating in finance from a French business school, I started my career in Luxembourg in a reputable private bank where I specialised in wealth management. Four years later, I decided to use this experience and knowledge to give a new direction to my professional path and oriented myself towards the recruitment sector.

Within the biggest player in the industry, I learnt the fundamentals of recruitment. I met more than one hundred human ressource managers in Luxembourg and made more than a thousand of candidate’s interviews. The combination of all this information and my understanding of the financial industry gives me a strong global picture of the luxembourgish job market.

I founded the company Gamechanger to share my knowledge and support you to empower your career.

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