Looking for a job on the web is the same as arriving at a lunch buffet at 3pm…

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…you will be lucky to find crumbs off the table..!

I am not exaggerating, Internet is definitely not the bests shot and let me share with you the main reasons. First we need to understand how a recruitment process operate within the company. To do so, we need to place ourselves in the position of the person responsible of the recruitment in a company.

Let me tell you the story of Michelle…

Michelle is working in a small sized but growing company based in Luxembourg. She is responsible of the recruitment and the management recently ask Michelle to hire 8 persons with different types of roles, in different teams and at different level of responsibility.

How does Michelle achieve this..?

1. Michelle will have a look at the HR database of the company, listing all the past candidates the company had contact with.

2. Then she will use her personal and professional network

3. Then she will communicate within the company (via the intranet) and ask for the employee to think about their network (some companies propose incentives for the recruitment of new employees – believe me, a premium of one thousand euros makes everybody a recruiter!)

4. She will put the open position on the website of the company (the results of this action is directly related to the traffic on the website)

5. Then she will do a research on Linkedin and all the job board database she has access to*. These were the first steps… if the quality and the relevance of the candidates are not good enough, Michelle will shift into the second gear and start investing money in the process to increase the quantity or the quality of the candidates.

6. She will publish the job offer on different job boards on the web, selected by their relevance (the website you usually visit).

7. Lastly, if no good candidates are spotted, Michelle will call a recruitment agency to find the rare pearl and give them the mission to manage this recruitment (depending of the company and depending of the profile, the agency can be contacted at the very beginning of the recruitment process to handle it).

As you can understand, when you see the open position on the web that means that the position may have been open for a while. I remember a lot of candidate, saying “I saw this brand new offer, the publication is from yesterday…”. Now, that you read this you will understand why I wouldn’t share my enthusiasm here…

Actually, it is pretty sure that the candidate’s interviews have already begun and that the recruitment process is quite advanced, and the more it is advanced the more it will be complicated to integrate the process…


Of course, you should continue to browse the job boards and apply on the web, but don’t forget to keep your CV updated on Linkedin and to keep your ears open. Truth is, networking and keeping in touch with your industry is still the best way to be the first to integrate a recruitment process…

*For your information, when you put your CV online on the biggest job boards of Luxembourg, it is highly likely that the HR service of your company has access to the database of this site too, since it is an interesting pool of candidates. A word to the wise…

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