Things have changed

The omniprésence of internet, the 2007 crisis, the social media, the unemployment rate, the international window, the complexity for young generation to integrate the job market.
So many factors impacting the labor market today.

What are the new rules of the hiring game?

Rule #1

The job market is and will be very competitive

It’s not a cyclical thing.

The competition will not decrease, it is a standard now.

Rule #2

Companies are looking for instant operational and profitable employees

The budget are decreasing and the result’s expectation are increasing, employers will rarely hire a potential to train him.

They will choose a person who know how to do the job.

Rule #3

The economic landscape has already changed significantly, we can expect to continue with direct implications for job seekers

Technology can throw into disorder a business model in a few years.

Repositionning yourself on the job market is no longer a luxury. It has become a fundamental requirement.

Rule #4

Exclusively looking for a job online will no longer allow you to see the “whole picture”

Applying online is not enough anymore!

Rule #5

You must be self-aware of your strengths, your competences and your professional goals.

Have you ever heard “personal branding2?

Your personal branding is the way you impact the way you are perceived by others.

A must have to support your evolution on the job market. /span>

Rule #6

You must be extremely focused

Being vague in your objectives is not helping to take action.

Be precise in your search

Rule #7

Your visibility is your best ally.

Networking events, Linkedin and other website are your tools.

Your objective is to highlight your competences, past experiences and your personality